Real Girls Rock Skechers, Check Out the D’Lites Biggest Fan

You have to check out these Skechers and hear about how comfortable they are.

Which Skechers are you wearing and in what color and style? 

I am wearing the Skechers D’Lites- Biggest Fan shoe style in black and white.


Can you tell us about the shoe? 

The classic look gets an upgrade to this new, fun style. The air cooled memory foam insole gives great cushioned comfort. The black and white style pairs well with just about anything. There are accents of silver glitter on the side of the shoe that add a touch of glamour to it.

What do you like about your new Skechers, are you a fan of the brand or maybe a new fan?

I have always worn Skechers as a child and it feels good to be able to wear them now that I am much older. I have always been a fan of the brand, but during my teenage years I wore other shoe brands and styles. Seeing their new collection of shoes and getting a chance to wear a pair of their newest spin on a classic style really motivates me to continue buying their shoes.


Where do you plan on wearing your Skechers and why?

I plan on wearing my Skechers at school when I go hiking, going out downtown, and just hanging with friends. The shoe is very versatile and can be used for athletics, but can also be worn every day as a fashion statement. I can even wear them while lounging around the house because they are that comfortable.


Are they comfortable?

The shoes are extremely comfortable. With the memory foam sole, I feel as though I am walking on clouds. Even when I run and jump in them, I feel fully supported. They don’t squeeze my feet or fit too tight. The shoes slide on and off easily allowing me to put them on quickly if I am in a hurry.

How often do you think you will wear them?

I will probably wear these shoes every day unless I want to wear open-toed shoes. The style of clothing that I wear seems to go perfectly with these shoes, so I will wear them throughout the week while going to class and other daily activities.


What types of places will you wear them?

I will wear them on the campus of my university, dance clubs, and even the gym. I will wear them out to eat at restaurants with friends, and to walk my dog at the dog park of my apartment. I will take them out on trails when I go hiking and even wear them inside my apartment.



Can you explain in detail how you styled your Skechers and why did you feel this was a good fit?

I wore high waisted jeans, rolled up at the bottom, with a black leather belt that has a silver metal sun buckle. I paired it with a gray long-sleeve turtleneck crop top. For jewelry, I wore my silver geometric hoop earrings and my iridescent crystal necklace. This pair of jeans goes with just about anything for all seasons so I wore them. The shoes matched well with my black belt and paired well with my crew length white socks. With the weather getting colder, I wore the long-sleeve to match with the overall gray, silver, black, and white color scheme.


What inspired your photo?

I chose the classic style shoe because I knew it would match with just about everything. I enjoy being outside and hanging out on my apartment balcony so I chose this location. I also wanted to add a pop of color and liveliness so I decided to incorporate sparklers for a cool effect. The photo of me against the wall was to give an aesthetic background so that the viewer focuses in on the center and follows down to the shoes. Setting up cool photoshoot scenes is something I enjoy doing for friends, school projects, and as a hobby so this was a fun experience for me.


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