Real Girls Rock Skechers, Check Out Skechers Flex Appeal 3.0

Skechers has been around since the early 1990s, growing exponentially each year, shipping over 155 million pairs of shoes in 2017 and selling in over 170 countries. So what makes this shoe company so popular? In two words, affordability and comfort factor. Their shoes, including the Skechers Flex Appeal 3.0, are some of the most comfortable shoes around. The shoe itself runs around $65, but lasts for a long time. They never sacrifice style for comfort like other shoe companies and, for that, I love Skechers.

As the editorial director of Glitter, we’re constantly trying new products. Some are amazing, and some need work. While I’m not on my feet all day, quite the contrary in fact, I do spend time at the gym as well to stay fit, and comfortable shoes can make or break a good workout. This time around I tried the Skechers Flex Appeal 3.0, which is a sports shoe from the shoe company.


GLITTER: Which Skechers are you wearing and in what color and style?
HEATHER: I’m wearing the Skechers 13067 BKHP. It’s a sports shoe. More specifically they’re the Women’s Skechers Flex Appeal 3.0 Insiders Sneaker Adult in black and pink.

GLITTER: Can you tell us about the shoe?
HEATHER: The shoe has a ton of cushion, which makes them amazing for walking all day and for traveling. They’re the perfect shoe for someone who is on their feet a ton. They’re stylish and durable. Still, stick with it for every day use though, or if you’re at the gym working out with weights it’s great but not any class where you’re jumping a ton. The springiness in this shoe would actually make it perfect for running and for weight training.

GLITTER: What do you like about your new Skechers, are you a fan of the brand or maybe a new fan
HEATHER: I’ve had Skechers in the past and they’re great shoes to wear daily, and even great for the gym. That being said, they still aren’t the best for classes like Zumba where you might be jumping around more. I found the shoe catching on the floor from time to time and I can’t turn as easily in them as I can in other pairs of sneakers.

GLITTER: Where do you plan on wearing your Skechers and why?
HEATHER: Mostly the gym if I’m not in a Zumba class, but I will also wear them to theme parks as well since the memory foam cushion seemed to help my back.


GLITTER: Are they comfortable, please explain?
HEATHER: They’re super comfortable for every day use. I definitely didn’t feel any back pain wearing them.


GLITTER: How often do you think you will wear them?
HEATHER: I live in sneakers, but I’m also at the gym a ton so maybe a few times a week. I switch them up every so often.


GLITTER: What types of places will you wear them?

  • Gym
  • Lounging
  • Everyday use
  • Disneyland (love Mickey Mouse, he’s 90 this year and so is Minnie)!


GLITTER: Can you explain in detail how you styled your Skechers (clothing) and why did you feel this was a good fit?
HEATHER: I was actually in my usual attire, which is normally hair up in a ponytail, yoga pants, a t-shirt, sweater, and the shoes. I didn’t showcase the rest of the outfit though because I really wanted to showcase the shoe itself because the shoes are amazing!



GLITTER: What inspired your photo?
HEATHER: We were at a friend’s house and I was lounging around outside on the lawn chair, but the sun was still super bright (it almost always is in Palm Springs haha), but we took the photos then because the lighting was right and I guess because I was sitting in the right position at the right time. Sometimes the best photos are the ones that are never planned.

So Glitter girls, do you own a pair of Skechers? If not, will you own a pair now? Snag a pair at

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