The Legendary Shakira Releases New Song ‘Nada’


Shakira’s new Spanish track is pulling everyone’s heartstrings, whether they speak the language or not.

The ageless Shakira just released the video for her newest track, “Nada.”

The song is about a woman who is far away from the person she loves. She asserts that “ni toda la fama, ni todo el dinero no sirve de nada si no estás conmigo” which translates to “neither the fame, nor the money helps anything if you’re not with me.” 

The video is beautiful and gloomy, setting the tone for the song about longing.

Shakira stars solo in this video which is set in a cabin in the middle of the ocean, further exploring the theme of solitude and loneliness.

The imagery in the video is amazing and constantly calls attention to how it feels to be alone. At one point, Shakira opens the fridge, and the only thing in there is a single cup.

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