Grace Helbig Releases New Merch


These graphic sweatshirts are a little too relatable.

Grace Helbig’s quirky and confidently awkward personality is a major reason why her nearly 3 million YouTube subscribers watch her weekly videos. This exact sentiment of self-deprecating humor is the star of her new merch line, and it totally works.

The YouTuber announced the campaign on Twitter last week, with a funky video showing off the new designs:

Check out a few of our favorite looks from the collection:

“I Don’t Know” Hoodie

Are you confused about life in general? Don’t be afraid to let the world know. This comfortable hoodie proudly displays Helbig’s signature catch phrase in multicolored letters. The unique design is available in black, gray, tan, and pink.

“Stressed to Repress” Sweatshirt

The phrase on this zip-up may be a little more subtle, but it’s equally as self-aware. Sometimes you don’t have the energy to dress up, and that’s okay; instead, rock a lazy day look with this soft sweatshirt. It’s available in pink, black, and gray.

You can shop for Grace Helbig’s new merchandise on Represent. But you better hurry to make your purchase, since the limited edition sale ends on November 16th.