Beauty Bakerie Now Available at Ulta


The online beauty brand teams up with the makeup chain to bring their products to stores.

Beauty Bakerie is making a name for itself in the makeup industry as a brand that sells cruelty-free and vegan products. The company’s products are now available on Ulta’s website as well as in various retail locations across the United States.

Beauty Bakerie was founded by Cashmere Nicole. As a single mom with a career in nursing, in 2011 she decided to dedicate her time to developing a makeup business. Nicole is a breast cancer survivor, so the brand was themed pink to raise awareness for breast cancer.   


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Losing my breast to cancer at 27 taught me so much about life and what it means to be living…I think prior to my health issues I didn’t know how to live in the now. They call it ‘destination addiction’ and it says that too often we believe that the happiness we want will be in another moment – “if I can just have this house” or “this job” or “this or that…” The reality is you’ve gotta learn how to be happy with this moment and everything that comes along with it. If you aren’t happy with the “little” that you think you have (that someone else thinks is EVERYTHING), why would you be happy with more? It’s been years since I’ve thought that way. I’m so happy laying out in the sun or taking photos of flowers or playing in my makeup…the sweetest thing in life is growth and I thank God that He took me down the valley of cancer so that I could see the mountaintops upon which He had placed me☺️

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Beauty Bakerie has been featured on Beyoncé’s website, and the brand is only continuing to grow as it enters Ulta stores. Their adorable bakery-themed products include lipsticks, bronzer and highlighter palettes, eyeshadows, and much more.

You can shop Beauty Bakerie by visiting their online store, or by checking out their products on Ulta’s website