Beauty Bloggers – You Need a Clever Made SnapBasket

Carting your materials to all your events just got easier.

CleverMade has solved your transporting needs. The SnapBasket TrunkCaddy is everything you’ve wanted when it comes to dragging all your materials from one location to the next. It is flexible, compactible and comes with handles. The handles come with Velcro strips to connect together or to your trunk for stability.

It’s the perfect way to organize and fit all of your event materials into one tote so you can transport them to photo shoots and every day events.

The SnapBasket is super versatile and eco-friendly. It can be used for permanent trunk storage, or you can fold it flat and use it for buying groceries and materials.

It comes in two colors, black and charcoal. It can match your car interior and won’t look like you’re carrying all your belongings in a tacky beach tote.

Forget taking multiple trips to get all your stuff to an event or packing up your over-sized tote. Ditch that heavy, clunky mess of a bag and get yourself a SnapBasket.