Watch Jenna Marbles Dress Up Her Dogs for Halloween


The YouTube star goes above and beyond in dressing up her dogs for the fall festivities.

If you’ve ever watched a Jenna Marbles video before, you know that she’s totally obsessed with her dogs. So it’s no surprise that the popular YouTuber decided to dress up her pets for Halloween this year.

While she selected a few different costumes for each dog, these were by far our favorites.

1. Mr. Incredible

Kermit dressed up as Mr. Incredible from the popular Pixar franchise The Incredibles. He sported a fashionable red jacket with the iconic “I” logo and a pair of superhero goggles.

2. Mermaid

Peach wore a sequined mermaid costume, complete with a crown. She even got her own little Sebastian crab chew toy to solidify the Princess Ariel look.

3. Vampire

Marbles opted for a simple vampire cape and bowtie. He looked incredibly handsome and ready for the holiday.

With Jenna dressed in her homemade toothbrush costume (which she made on her channel in a previous video), they all got together to take one epic family photo.

These creative costume ideas are not only hilarious, but will offer great inspiration for how to style your pets for Halloween this year. You can watch Jenna’s video below.