The Kubie from Kijaro Is the Camping Essential You Need


If you’re tired of over packing for outdoor adventures, look no further.

Nothing is more annoying than struggling to carry jackets, blankets, a sleeping bag, and everything else you need when you take a camping trip. Luckily, Kijaro has a solution to your problems: it’s called the Kubie.

The Kubie is a versatile nylon fabric that has eight unique functions. It can be transformed into a sleeping bag, pillow, hammock liner, quilt, and canopy, just to name a few.

Here are some of the Kubie’s other useful options:

1. Poncho


You can leave the heavy winter jacket at home, as the Kubie can be used as a cozy poncho. The product is insulated and has a fleece-lined hood that’s guaranteed to keep you warm.

2. Ground Cover


Don’t let damp ground ruin your camping experience. Place the Kubie as a ground cover under your tent; the water resistant coating will keep you and your belongings dry.

3. Hammock


Need to relax? Find a nearby tree and use the Kubie’s integrated hammock straps to lay peacefully while you stargaze.

This all-in-one product makes any outdoor excursion more manageable, so you can forget about your packing worries and instead focus on enjoying yourself. You can shop for the Kubie on the Kijaro website.