Zoe Kravitz Recreates Lisa Bonet’s Iconic Photo Shoot


Zoe Kravitz recreates and honors mom Lisa Bonet’s iconic Rolling Stone photo shoot 30 years later.The Fantastic Beats actress posed nude for the November cover of Rolling Stone, just like her mom, Lisa Bonet did for Rollingstone’s Hot Issue in 1988.

Zoe posted the cover on her Instagram with a simple caption that was all powerful.

‘Life imitates art.’


Zoe’s cover looks almost identical to Lisa’s photo. Even their wavy hairstyles are similar.  The pose is also identical with the one leg raised in front of her. The difference is Zoe bared all in front of her issue and did not wear the white shirt the High Fidelity actress wore on her cover.


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Life | imitates | art

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The Dope actress wore very little makeup and hid her bare chest with her hand as she showcased her natural beauty.

Zoe confessed to Rolling Stone that she has always idolized that photo of her mom and she feels that was an important time in the pop culture world.

‘I’ve always loved that cover so much. When I think of Rolling Stone, that’s always the image that pops into my head. It’s a really striking image of her. It’s beautiful.’

It is so nice to see Zoe paying homage to her iconic mother Lisa Bonet.