Halsey Drops ‘Without Me’ Music Video


Halsey just dropped her music video for her new single “Without Me” and it’s a masterpiece.

“Without Me” is an amazing empowering music video that is a true work of art. Halsey details an intricate story of abuse and toxic relationships until she finally is free at the end. After the video’s release, Halsey released a statement about the video on social media.

The video references her relationships and relationships she has seen others in. Fans were quick to notice the similarities between the lead actor in the video and the stars real-life ex, G-Eazy. However, no matter who the video is referencing it leaves an inspiring message to fans, that you deserve better than this toxic person in your life.

“Without Me” comes right after her collaboration with Khalid on the song “Eastside.” Both songs are currently on Billboard Hot 100.

You can stream “Without Me” on Apple Music, Spotify, Pandora, and YouTube. Make sure to watch the video for the new song above or on YouTube.