‘High School Musical 3’ Turns 10 Years Old

Disney Channel/Image Group LA

It’s been how long?

Nothing will make you feel old quite like finding out that the last High School Musical movie was released a decade ago. Even if it doesn’t seem real, 10 years have passed since High School Musical 3: Senior Year first premiered in theaters.

In celebration of the monumental anniversary, fans took to Twitter to reminisce on the beloved film:

Some original cast members even joined in on the fun. Lucas Grabeel, who portrayed Ryan Evans, admitted to tearing up when reposting the film’s final scene on Instagram:

And of course Coach Bolton, played by Bart Johnson, used the anniversary to make yet another hilarious HSM reference.

Even though the films are far in the past, the High School Musical legacy continues to live on. A television series spinoff of the franchise is currently in the works and will premiere on Disney’s streaming service in 2019.