Celebrity Love Match is Changing the Game for Memory Puzzles

Can you remember all of your faves’ relationships?

Celebrity Love Match is a new memory board game that’s giving us major childhood flashbacks. Following the same rules as your old matching favorites, this time, you pair celebrity couples with their significant others.

The game is simple. Grab a friend and form two teams.

Take turns flipping cards to match famous couples together. The game hosts 25 couple pairings.

The person with the most matches at the end wins.


Be careful: some celebrities have dated more than one person in the spread. The linking background patterns on the cards indicates you’ve found the right match.

To make it a little more interesting, the game also comes with a booklet that spills the tea behind the splits. Revealing stories and scandals in relation to each pairing, you may learn something you never knew.

It’s the perfect gift for all you followers of celeb gossip.

While we do have a little wait to get our hands on the new game, you can pre-order it here and get it when it is officially released November 13, 2018.