Lady Gaga Promotes Music Video of ‘I’ll Never Love Again’ From ‘A Star is Born’

Warner Bros

The music video for Lady Gaga’s heartbreaking rendition of “I’ll Never Love Again” from A Star is Born is available to watch right now on Apple Music.

Lady Gaga posted a thirty-second sneak peek of the music video for “I’ll Never Love Again” on her Twitter on October 19.

She had tweeted: “Watch the music video for #IllNeverLoveAgain now on @AppleMusic”

The music video mainly consists of scenes from A Star is Born. Lady Gaga sings “I’ll Never Love Again” in a stunning blue dress towards a crowd and then cuts to separate scenes of her and Bradley Cooper.

Both Lady Gaga and Cooper star in the musical film A Star is Born. The film is about a love story between the established singer and musician Jackson (Cooper) and aspiring singer Ally (Lady Gaga).

As the relationship between Jackson and Ally intensifies, Jackson helps Ally achieve stardom and make a mark on the world while Jackson begins to struggle with his own music career.

A Star is Born is now available to watch in theaters. You can listen to the audio version of the track down below.