James Maslow Debuts Music Video for ‘All Day’ Featuring Dominique

Jade Ehlers

Singer James Maslow dropped his latest music video for his hit song “All Day” on October 19 and it stars Maslow, the pop singer Dominique, Maslow’s friends and fans, and more.

Filmed entirely on Maslow’s personal iPhone, the singer’s latest music video for his hit song “All Day” is jam-packed with great vocals and dancing.

Throughout the music video, flirty banter is exchanged between Maslow and Dominique as they do activities together such as video chatting while Maslow is in a recording studio, shopping for books at a Barnes and Noble, and basking in the sun by a fountain.

The video also cuts between separate scenes of Maslow and Dominique such as Maslow dancing on the roadside by a beach, Maslow dancing in what appears to be a club with his fans, and Dominique lounging on her bed.

The video ends with Maslow’s fans cheering for him and singing along with him as they sing “All Day” together as an ensemble.

Check out Maslow’s music video for “All Day” down below:


“All Day” by James Maslow is now available to listen, purchase, and/or stream online through various platforms such as Apple Music, Spotify, Pandora, and Amazon Music.

All Day (ft. Dominique)

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