BTS’ Jimin Dyes Hair Blue + It’s a Look


The main dancer of BTS dyed his hair blue and we are loving the new, bold look.

It is not new information that Jimin from the Korean boy group, BTS, is a style icon. Some might say his rise in popularity is not only because of his talent, but because of his fashion and style statements. Just recently, the multi-talented star dyed his hair blue and his fans are loving it and taking to Twitter to rave about it.


Some of the fans compared him to a Disney prince, others said they were losing their mind after seeing his new look. Nevertheless, we are joining the bandwagon of praise and supporting the look as well.

The “Serendipity” singer revealed the blue hair during a performance in Berlin on Monday, Oct. 16. Jimin looked happy and confident with his new hair color.

Even Namjoon (RM) called Jimin, “Mr. Blue Hair”.

We are excited to see what color he will dye it next. Stay tuned.