Chance The Rapper Goes Undercover as a Lyft Driver

Photo by: Will Heath/NBC

The Chicago rapper went undercover as a Lyft driver for a good cause.

It’s always nice to see people using their platform to make a difference. The “Cocoa Butter Kisses” rapper went undercover as a Lyft driver to raise money for Chicago’s Public Schools.

Chance has always spoken out against injustices that are facing our society. Chance is well known for his activist work for his hometown of Chicago. Last week, Chance pledged $1 million for mental health in the city with a new initiative called “My State of Mind”.


“My State of Mind” aims at providing go-to modern resources for the people of Chicago, so they could learn and access all things mental health.

Chance is also well known for his signature ‘3’ dad hat. The rapper decided to shake things up and wear a beanie instead. He also called himself “John” and disguised himself in sunglasses.

There were hidden cameras that showed the rapper picking up the Chicago residents and making conversation about the city and thanked those who donated to his nonprofit, SocialWorks.

Chance’s SocialWorks teamed up with Lyft’s “round-up-and-donate”, which rounds up fares to the nearest dollar and donates the difference to a charity of the rider’s choice.

SocialWorks uses the money for arts education for Chicago schools in need. It’s great to see Chance using his platform to give back to his hometown.