Check Out How Jussie Smollett Makes a 6-Year-Old’s Day


An act of kindness goes a long way and the Empire actor made this little boy’s day.

We are always happy to see when people use their platforms to make a difference. Jussie Smollett surprised a 6-year-old-boy, Kayden Kinckle with two prosthetic legs and a van with a lift.


Kayden was born with omphalocele, which is a birth defect in an infants’ intestine or abdominal organ because of a hole in the belly button.

Back in 2014, Kayden’s mom, Nikki, posted a YouTube of the 2-year-old, at the time, taking his first steps all by himself with the help of a walker.

In the amazing video, you can see Kayden telling his mother that he wants to do this all by himself.

‘I got this! I got it! I got it!’ Kayden said enthusiastically.

Kayden’s resilience is inspiring.


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Guess who got Kayden a van with a lift??? Thank you Jussie Smollett!!!

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In a video posted on Kayden’s Instagram, you can see the ramp that Jussie added to the van for the family.

‘It’s gonna be just like a chariot for the Pharaoh.’


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Kayden was very appreciative towards the ramp because he has surgery next month and will not have his legs.

We understand that life is not easy for Kayden nor his mother, but we are glad that Jussie was able to make their day.