Dylan Sprouse + Camila Cabello are Ex-Lovers in Her New Music Video ‘Consequences’


After taking home four wins the previous night at the AMA’s, Camilla Cabello dropped an emotional, autumnal music video for her delicate song, “Consequences.” And the best part–it stars Dylan Sprouse. 

The video, directed by Dave Meyers, follows Cabello and Sprouse through their journey of lost love and broken promises. It takes viewers through the many stages of their relationship, from early infatuation to eventual heartbreak. Their ghosts leap into the air, and they dance together through the leafy park, as Cabello finishes reminiscing her past love. When they finally float back down, his ghost eventually disappears and she’s finally able to let go and move on. The video premiered right after her big win at the American Music Awards, and she tweeted about it. She wrote, “My videos are pretty much what the inside of my brain looks like. This is what it looked like in my brain while I was trying to move on. thank you @dylansprouse for being amazing and wanting to be in my video.”

Watch the music video down below.