Ariana Grande Shares Adorable ‘breathin’ Music Video Starring Piggy Smalls

Republic Records

Ariana Grande recently released a video with her tune “breathin” in the background, and it’s adorable.

On October 10th, Grande shared her new music video for her song “breathin” from her latest album Sweetener. Her fourth studio album dropped back in August and has smashed the charts since its initial release.

This past week, Grande shared the most adorable music video ever, starring her adorable pet pig, Piggy Smalls.

Fans are absolutely gushing over the cuteness and the uniqueness of the video in particular. No artist has ever released a music video starring their pet, and we absolutely love the idea.

Recently, Grande has teased new music and is even reported to be releasing her fifth album before the end of 2018. She has also signed on to be a part of the Wicked 15th anniversary special with Kristin Chenoweth and Idina Menzel.

We are excited to hear more for this talented artist and loving our Grande-filled year.