The Soundtrack for ‘A Star is Born’ Is Finally Here

A Star Is Born

You can now stream the soundtrack for A Star is Born on Spotify, Apple Music, and Amazon Music.  Now that we’ve seen A Star is Born, we can listen to the soundtrack as we recover from the emotional heartbreak caused by this film. The album features duets and solos by all-star Lady Gaga and director/lead male Bradley Cooper, as well as dialogue segments of critical scenes throughout the film. After listening to the beautiful duet-ballad “Shallow,” which premiered last week, we knew the album would be incredible. This song is also only one of the seventeen original songs written and recorded by Gaga, Cooper, and their creative team.

Cooper and Gaga spoke to Entertainment Weekly about creating the music and their roles in the process. “It was an evolution, like the story. It went hand in hand,” says Cooper. “We knew the story we wanted to tell, and then the music really became a character in the movie. There is no lyric that’s ever in any point of the movie that doesn’t have exactly to do with where one of them is or hopes to be or regrets being. That was our launching pad and then it was just about discovering what songs fit in the right places. We had wonderful songwriters that helped us and it was just an exploration. That’s the only way I know how to do it — you have to go to work every day with the people that you want to work with and try to create something.” Gaga adds, “There were so many songs too, so many different incarnations of each song. We were writing songs during the filming.”

Stream the entire soundtrack for A Star is Born down below.