Monique Coleman Debuts ‘Gimme Mo’ Television Series on Discovery Life


The new television docu-series aims to inspire and empower the next generation.

Monique Coleman may have gained fame from her role as Taylor McKessie in High School Musical, but her recent return to the television screen signifies an effort to inspire the next generation of young people.

Coleman’s new television series, Gimme Mo, premiered October 3rd on Discovery Life. The docu-series touches upon important social issues facing youth today, with the goal of cultivating an informed next generation. Some topics the series will cover include body image, youth homelessness, and bullying.

Along with her company, Motivated Productions, the show was finally sent to television after 8 years of work.


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#TRUTHBOMB ✨This week, many of you witnessed my dream come true! #GimmeMo – a project I started 8 years ago – premiered on @discoverylifechannel and I am SO PROUD. • • But, I’m also this. I’m the girl at the gym hiding my tears behind my sweat and trying my best to keep it together! See, what people don’t tell you is this. Doing your own thing is HARD. It challenges the core of you. It puts a strain on your relationships, your finances, your faith. It makes you question your very existence….your competence….your will. Will you crumble in the face of adversity. Will you face your shortcomings with humility and grace. Will you show up even when you feel overwhelmed and burdened – which happens to be often • • For me, living the Dream isn’t just photo shoots and accolades, it’s crying on my closet floor, pleading with God to “make it go away” asking for strength, but really just wanting to be saved. It’s being grateful and feeling broken all at the same time • • This is the true face of a warrior. We cry in the wings, fight in the dark, and make it look easy when we’re on the field. It’s not easy fam + I care too much about young people to perpetuate that lie. • To all my dreamers + doers, this is a reminder that wherever you are in your journey YOU ARE NOT ALONE! I see you. I feel you. I am you & I love you! Now, let’s wipe our faces and get back out there 💪🏾

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You can watch Gimme Mo Wednesdays at 8 AM on Discovery Life.