Halsey Released ‘Without Me’ and It’s Everything We Expected

Halsey, you did it again.We already knew Halsey is one of the queens of the music industry, and when she announced her new song, we knew it would be incredible.

Her new song ‘Without Me’ is rumored to be about her summer break-up with G-Eazy but either way, it’s nothing short of her usual edgy and electropop that we love.


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#WithoutMe 💀🦋 October 4th

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The song tells a bit of a story sounding like a break-up in the sense of how do the people live without each other. Rather than keeping it slow and sad, the song has an upbeat rhythm to it and Halsey is singing about all the things she put into her relationship only for it to come out that she was the one keeping it all together.

When chatting about it with fans on Twitter, Halsey said she cried recording it but now she feels empowered.

We personally were the second option.

She said so herself though, the reactions could go both ways and fans shared with the artist just how they felt about ‘Without Me.’

Whether you’re crying or you’re jamming, Halsey has once again proved she can continuously release bops no matter what state she may be in.

If you haven’t heard ‘Without Me’, give it a listen and let her know your reaction.