Brooklyn Decker Launches Shopping App ‘Finery’


Brooklyn Decker’s new fashion app, Finery, will digitize, organize, and style your wardrobe.

Decker co-founded Finery with former CNN news anchor, Whitney Casey. The anchor and actress aim to redefine shopping, allowing women to upload every fashion purchase to their own virtual closet.

The app essentially allows users to create a look for the day by shopping their own wardrobe. Say goodbye to early-morning stress over piecing together the perfect outfit or digging through your closet for your favorite pair of jeans.

By connecting their Google accounts or individual store accounts, every user’s fashion purchases are instantly synced with their virtual closet via online receipts. Once synced, you can swipe through your wardrobe and style your own pieces.

For efficient, stress-free shopping and styling, download Finery from the app store, or visit