BTS Takes Their Anti-Violence ‘Love Myself’ Campaign to the World


The South Korean boy band is currently taking over the world with their World Tour: Love Yourself.

Recently, Namjoon displayed his leadership skills at the United Nations for UNICEF’s ‘Generation Unlimited’ launch. Previously, BTS worked with the UNICEF to start their ‘Love Myself’ anti-violence campaign. The ‘Love Myself’ campaign promotes the end of youth violence.

During Namjoon’s very powerful speech, he shared his own struggles and how he used those struggles as life lessons and influence the people around him. He also expressed that creating music is a that heals him. Namjoon is a talented rapper but he is also known for writing and producing a lot of BTS’ music and his own. We love a multi-talented King.

“I had one sanctuary, and that was music. There was a small voice in me that said, ‘Wake up, man, and listen to yourself!’ But it took me a long time to hear music calling my name,” Namjoon expressed during the speech.

“I want to hear your voice. I want to hear your conviction. No matter where you’re from, skin color, gender identity, just speak yourself,” he concludes.

It is nice and refreshing to see a K-Pop group acknowledge that we all come from different backgrounds and we have different skin colors. It was especially nice that Namjoon reassured Black Kpop fans who face racism every day in the K-pop fandoms.

Loving yourself is important because you cannot love another until you fully love yourself.