Emma Watson Writes Open Letter to Savita Halappanavar


The actress and activist shows there is still so much to be done for women.Emma Watson is a huge activist for women’s rights and she has never been shy about it. In 2014, Emma launched the ‘HeForShe’ campaign which stood to raise awareness for gender equality and the empowerment of women.

Since learning of Savita Halappanavar and her fight against reproduction laws in Ireland, Emma has been donating and speaking in support of the late dentist.

Savita was denied her wishes which ended up costing her her life. Since her death, Ireland is working to make women have more of a say with what happens to their bodies. In collaboration with Porter Magazine, Emma wrote an open letter to Savita in celebration of the hardships she had and thanking her for being a kind woman to those around her.

“They told us you were passionate and vivacious, a natural-born leader. I heard that at Diwali in 2010 you won dancer of the night, going on to choreograph routines with children in your community. I watch the video of you dancing in Galway’s 2011 St Patrick’s Day parade and am moved to tears by your thousand-watt smile and palpable enthusiasm.” – Emma

We aren’t going to lie, the letter made us tear up a bit but we think you should read it yourself.

Check out the open letter here.