SZA Reminds Us What Self Love is All About


At the height of her success, RnB superstar SZA took to Instagram for some serious self-celebration.  

SZA posted a screen grab of the ‘YTD Top 50 Albums of 2018’ on Instagram in which SZA’s debut solo album CTRL ranked in at number 30 overall and number 1 for female RnB albums.

The soulful RnB singer expressed her gratitude in a heartfelt caption about her journey to self-love.

The humble singer opened up about feeling too shy to post any of her major accomplishments.  Before thanking fans for her groundbreaking year, SZA explained, “I’m really working on loving myself and allowing myself to ‘celebrate’ accomplishments through gratitude er [sic] whatever.”

SZA concluded her celebratory by encouraging fans to love themselves too and teasing her new album with the hashtag #Aontheway.


SZA is not alone in being afraid of coming off too strong on social media.  The fear of backlash and rejection from online audiences is more prominent now than ever.

This RnB beauty is proving that a little self-praise every now and then is well deserved.