Celebrate the Upcoming Season with These Famous Libras


Have no fear, Libra season is here!  Reign in a time of harmony, focus, and drama with Hollywood’s most infamous Libras.

Libras are commonly outgoing, kind, charming, and harmonious individuals who strive to make peace with everyone, but live for drama. While Libras are driven by love and balance, their actions can sometimes be perceived as superficial. However, their loving energy and motivated attitudes make them an undeniable force to be reckoned with.  Here are just a few of our favorite celebrity scale signs.

Zac Efron

Born October 18th, 1987, this outgoing dreamboat fits the Libra mold perfectly.  Zac’s shamelessly flirtatious personality and team player spirit make him the ultimate scale sign.  His High School Musical Days are long gone, but this Libra is still proving we really are “All in This Together.”



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Going off the grid w/ @dylanefron for a few days to 🎥. ✌️LA

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Gweneth Paltrow

This well-balanced beauty was born September 27th, 1972.  Paltrow is the perfect blend of sassy and sweet.  While her dedication and work with several charitable organizations show her giving nature, she’s been known for some serious sass when it comes to defending her Hollywood status.  Despite the occasional combative comments, we admire this Libra’s confident spirit.

Will Smith

“In West Philadelphia born and raised,” Smith entered the world on September 25th, 1968.  This Libra leads with love as shown through his relationship with his beautiful Virgo wife, Jada Pinkett Smith, and his strong family values.  Smith’s intellect and decision-making ability have led him to be one of the most successful men in Hollywood.



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Wow… 24 Birthdays together! Happy Bday, My Queen. Let’s Go Get 24 more. 📷: @alansilfen

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Kate Winslet

Born October 5th, 1975, this Libra works hard at maintaining strong relationships.  Winslet has infamously made her name for being one of the most pleasant actors to work with in Hollywood.  As reflected in her friendship with fellow Titanic actor Leonardo DiCaprio, this British star is sure to “Never let go” once you’re in her inner circle.

Jesse Eisenberg

Eisenberg was born on October 5th, 1983.  This Libra stays on his grind with the ultimate work ethic.  Eisenberg has been revered for his responsible, methodical acting methods which have contributed to his successful career.   Beyond his efficient work regime, Eisenberg is always able to turn on the Libra charm making him undeniably likable.

Hilary Duff

Born September 28th, 1987, this social butterfly has never been shy about her Libra traits.  Duff has been known for actively participating in the body positivity movement and values spreading love.  In true Libra fashion, the former Lizzie McGuire star has used her platform to stop the haters and create a balanced community.


Hugh Jackman

Born in Sydney, Australia, Jackman entered the world on October 12th, 1968.  This talented Libra star has gifted the world with his artistic abilities from acting to singing.  His jaw-dropping showmanship and confidence contribute to Jackman’s utterly enticeable energy.

Serena Williams

Williams was born September 26th, 1981.  The dominating tennis champion displays her confidence both on and off the court.  When she isn’t busy winning tournaments, this Libra contributes to the fight for equal pay for women.  Despite her competitive nature, Williams has always been a good sport and used her platform to spread love.



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I had a great time at @the_greenbrier this past weekend. Thank you to all of the fans who came out to show your support!

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