Borghese’s Rinfrescante Sugar Body Polish Is a Game-Changer


Top-down view of Rinfrescante Sugar Body Polish


You just have to get your hands on the new Rinfrescante Sugar Body Polish.

Side view of Rinfrescante Sugar Body Polish container


The Rinfrescante Sugar Body Polish by Borghese is the next step in the evolution of exfoliation. Originating from the ancient Egyptian practice of removing dead skin cells, Rinfrescante uses only the most natural ingredient to create a noticeably smoother appearance.

Containing Borage seed oil, coconut oil, and Vitamin E Acetate, Rinfrescante nourishes, replenishes, and softens your skin the way nature intended. This non-paraben, abrasion-free formula is perfect for sensitive skin, you can even put it on your face without worrying about having a red, irritated complexion.

If you suffer from dry, rough skin, Rinfrescante will change the way you see yourself and body scrubs.

This is the next level of sugar scrubs and will transform any day into a luxurious indulgence of self-care and pleasure.

Borghese’s Rinfrescante Sugar Body Polish can be purchased here.