Beyoncé + WTRMLN WTR Introduce More Flavors

Photo: Glitter Magazine

Everyone knows Beyoncé is the Queen B, and we all know how much she loves her lemonade, but it turns out she’s also the queen of WTRMLN WTR.


Beyoncé showed her #girllove when she invested in a woman-owned business called WTRMLN WTR which you can grab at your local grocer or have it shipped right to your home.

Photo: Glitter Magazine

WTRMLN WTR is owned by Jody Levy and Harlan Berger. In their company’s bio, they reveal that they built this company through a partnership with farmers in which they bought watermelon that had “blemishes” that the farmers would have had to discard. They state, “By finding a home for these discarded melons, farmers could turn a loss into a profit. The second, and equally as meaningful goal, was to introduce the awesome, super delicious, amazingly beneficial water from the melon to the world! ”

Photo: Glitter Magazine

On this partnership, Jody and Harlan also stated,”By creating this meaningful relationship with farmers, we were able to utilize these ‘discarded’ melons to create what has already become one of the most exciting new beverages in the market.”

Photo: Glitter Magazine

There are many health benefits in drinking WTRMLN WTR as each bottle contains Vitamin C, Potassium, Lycopene and L-Citrulline. It does not contain added water or sugars. You can even try out their subscription service each week and also try their recipes on their website.

Photo: Glitter Magazine

The line features flavors such as, WTRMLN WTR (The Original), WTRMLN WTR + Mint, WTRMLN WTR + Orange, WTRMLN WTR + Lemon, WTRMLN WTR + Cayenne, WTRMLN WTR + Cucumber, WTRMLN WTR + Strawberry,  WTRMLN WTR + Ginger,  and WTRMLN WTR + Cherry.

You can try out their drinks and subscription service here. Take a look at the flavors below.

WTRMLN WTR (“Original Gangster”)

WTRMLN WTR + Mint (“The Mint Condition”)

WTRMLN WTR + Lemon (“Vitamin C You at the Gym”)

WTRMLN WTR + Orange (“The Potassium Powerhouse”)

WTRMLN WTR + Cucumber (“The Giant of the Gym”)

WTRMLN WTR + Cherry (“Muscle Marathoner”)

WTRMLN WTR + Ginger (“The Sportier Spice”)

WTRMLN WTR + Cayenne (“The Rockin’ Detox”)