Miss Michigan Calls Out Flint Water Crisis


The contestant used her air time on the Miss America pageant to make an important statement.

At the televised Miss America pageant on Sunday, Miss Michigan, Emily Sioma, used her introduction to shed light on an important issue: the Flint water crisis.

Sioma expressed her concern that though Michigan is a state containing a large percentage of the fresh water in the U.S., the town of Flint has lacked clean water since the year 2014.

While Miss Michigan ultimately did not make it to Top 15 in the competition, her statement made a huge impact across the Internet.

Sioma has also started a sexual assault awareness campaign as part of her social outreach initiative for the competition. 

Emily Sioma has proven she is committed to bringing visibility to important social issues, and spreading her message on such a large platform holds the potential to affect lasting change.