Celebs We Almost Lost to 9/11 and the Coincidences That Saved Them

Mark Wahlberg | Lloyd Bishop/NBC

It’s crazy to think that one small decision, a missed alarm clock, hitting traffic on the way to work, or scheduling an appointment saved several peoples lives on September 11, 2001. 

Rob Lowe |Monty Brinton/CBS

Here are a few celebrities that you may not have known were almost taken by that day.

Seth MacFarlane | Terence Patrick/CBS

Seth MacFarlane is most famous for his creation of the TV series Family Guy. Seth was booked for the flight out of Boston that hit the South Tower. He had gone out drinking the night before and was told by his travel agent that the flight was leaving 10 minutes later than it did. Seth approached the gate and was told he was too late and he decided to take a later flight. As he waited for the 11 o’clock flight, he fell asleep, only to be wakened by a commotion, the first plane had hit.


Mark Wahlberg was also scheduled to be on Flight 11 with Seth MacFarlane but instead decided to charter a jet with some friends to a film festival in Toronto.

Rob Lowe | Monty Brinton/CBS

Rob Lowe realized months later he was on a dry run flight with the men who planned the September 11th attacks. He had received a notice from the Attorney General that he was requested to be a part of the deposition at  Zacarias Moussaoui’s, the plotter of the attack, trial. 


Instagram Image of Outside Art by Daniel Belardinelli

Daniel Belardinelli is a self-taught, famous artist. He planned a fun trip with his Uncle to Yosemite only to cancel last minute. He was scheduled to fly from Newark to San Francisco on Flight 39. His Uncle was unfortunately on the flight that was hijacked by terrorists. 

These small change in plans or inconvenient accidents saved these celebrities lives. So, next time you’re stressed because you missed your alarm clock or hit traffic on the way to school, remember, everything happens for a reason.