Netflix Renews ‘Insatiable’ For A Second Season

Tina Rowden/Netflix

A new season for the controversial dark comedy series Insatiable is scheduled to be released sometime in 2019.

The show is about the teenager Patricia “Patty” Bladell, played by Debby Ryan, who goes on a revenge spree against her high school tormentors after they have previously bullied and mistreated her for being overweight. The main cast of the show includes Irene Choi, Sarah Colonna, Christopher Gorham, Alyssa Milano, Michael Provost, Dallas Roberts, Kimmy Shields, and Erinn Westbrook.

A video featuring the Insatiable cast announcing the season renewal was released on both Twitter and Instagram. The video begins with Ryan starting a Facetime live chat with her co-star Shields, who plays Patty’s best friend Nonnie Thompson in the series.

Ryan had told Shields that she had recently received exciting news. After Shields incorrectly guessed that Ryan was either engaged, was pregnant, or had a teratoma, Ryan finally announced the news of the second season to Shields.

The video then cuts to multiple Facetime live chats between the cast telling each other the news about the second season, their reactions, and hopes for the second season.

The first season of Insatiable is available to watch now on Netflix.