Eminem Drops ‘Lucky You’ Music Video

Eminem released the music video for his song “Lucky You”, featuring Joyner Lucas, on September 13th, 2018.

The music video was originally going to be released on September 12th but the release was delayed by a day.


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The video begins with Lucas traversing around a junkyard lot of some sort as the footage cuts between mysterious hoodie-wearing figures with red glowing eyes staring ominously at the camera.

The camera continues to follow Lucas as he travels within an abandoned suburban neighborhood with the mysterious figures following from behind.

Lucas then converges with Eminem and they stop performing when they notice the mysterious figures circling them and copying their movements. After they perform a few movements for the copycats to follow, including dabbing and pelvic thrusts, both Lucas and Eminem decide to go with it and continue to perform the song.

Watch the music video down below:

“Lucky You” is one of the tracks from Eminem’s latest album Kamikaze, which was released as a surprise to the public on August 31st, 2018.  “Lucky You” had also recently reached number one on Billboard’s Streaming Songs Chart. Eminem had originally reached number one on the Streaming Songs Chart with his 2014 collaborative hit “Monster” with Rihanna.

Kamikaze is now available to purchase, stream, download, and/or listen to.