CBS Purchases Comedy Series From ‘One Day at a Time’ Creative Team

One Day At A Time | Netflix

The new Latinx series will be developed by One Day at a Time co-creator Gloria Calderon Kellett and One Day writer Debby Wolfe.

The series is entitled Just Like Us and will be a family comedy series filmed with multiple cameras. According to DeadlineJust Like Us will be about “a widower who takes in his teenage El Salvadorian niece while still raising his two grown daughters, retired parents and running the restaurant he started with his late wife.”

Both Calderon Kellett and Marc Provissiero of Odenkirk Provissiero Entertainment will be the executive producers of Just Like Us. Wolfe is set to be both a co-producer and a writer for the series.

Calderon Kellett shared the exciting news of her upcoming series on her Twitter: “Really excited about this. Good news on a dark day. Also, on my tombstone it will say “Two t’s in Kellett.”

Wolfe had also shared the amazing news about Just Like Us on Twitter as well: “Deadline just got more caliente!!! Yes, I know, I cringed when I wrote that. ”