This 7 Second Clip of BTS’ Jimin Goes Viral


Jimin is so ethereal and he has proven again and again that he is the prettiest.

If you haven’t heard anything about BTS by now, then you are probably living under a rock. BTS is the most popular boyband artist right now from South Korea. Through hard work, patience and teamwork BTS has proven themselves over and over as an artist who cares deeply about their art and their fans.

BTS is having one hell of a year. BTS was the first K-Pop act to hit number 1 on Billboard with the album “Love yourself: Tear.” Their newly released album “Love Yourself: Answer” earned the talented Kings another spot, on top of the Billboard.

Right now, BTS is touring all around the US on the “Love Yourself” tour. A fan took a 7-second clip of Jimin just standing there looking like a God, and it went viral. The 7-second video stole the many hearts of people outside of the BTS fandom. The video blew up and has reached over 3 million views.

People went crazy and asked, “Who is he?” One person said, “never will I listen to K-pop but this is the prettiest man to ever exist.”

We are not surprised by the reactions that Jimin is getting, and we have to say he rightfully deserves it.

And let it be known, Jimin is so powerful he hit a lot of nerves in masculinity because they accused the Main Dancer of looking “too feminine.” Is being feminine supposed to be an insult? The boy is beautiful, period.