Serena Williams May Be Boycotted by Umpires


Tennis umpires reportedly might boycott Serena Williams’ matches after media backlash of the U.S. Open women’s final last weekend. 

After receiving a game penalty from umpire official, Carlos Ramos, 23 time Grand Slam singles winner, Serena Williams claimed she was a victim of sexism. She believes she was treated differently because of her gender. Ramos received lots of social media criticism leading to many other umpire officials to join in on the debate.

Many umpires believe that Ramos was thrown under the bus because he had to make a tough call and as a whole, they do not feel supported by the USTA. Towards the end of the heated tennis match, Williams was first given a warning for coaching, then later given a point penalty for smashing her tennis racket, and finally after calling Ramos a “thief,” was given her last offense for verbal abuse.

The International Tennis Federation issued a statement that Carlos Ramos was one of their “most experienced and respected” officials in tennis.

Many fans came to the defense of Serena, stating that she is a victim of racism and sexism compared to how other male tennis stars are allowed to react during matches without penalty, as shown below.

Williams was later fined $17,000 for her three violations. We will wait and see if the boycott actually happens.