Karol G Celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month w/Takeover Tuesday Playlist


The Colombian reggaeton singer created a Spotify playlist that includes music from artists all over the world, specifically Latin American countries to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month.

Karol G, 27,  released her public playlist on Billboard’s Spotify account that features her ten favorite songs from artists of various Latin American countries, including a song of her own. In the songwriter’s own words, its “a perfect playlist to celebrate Hispanic Heritage.”

Hispanic Heritage Month begins on September 15th and ends on October 15th. The month pays tribute to American citizens with backgrounds rooted in Spanish, Mexican, Carribean, and Central and South American descent. Pew Research Center reports that a fifth of the total United States population is in fact Hispanic.

Karol G was born in Colombia and is a rising female urban artist in the Latina music scene. Her debut album, “Unstoppable” debuted as #2 on the Top Latin Albums chart. You need to check out this playlist if you enjoy dancing to Latin beats in the mirror.