‘Black Ink Crew’ Returns to VH1


VH1 has announced the return of their hit reality show, Black Ink Crew. The show has become one of the most anticipated series on the network and continues to dominate their Wednesday night spot. The 2-hour premiere is set for September 19th at 9 pm et/pt.

The new season opens with Ceasar opening up a new shop in New Orleans, LA.  This fancy upscale tattoo parlor doubles as a bar and restaurant and is open 24/7.

Meanwhile, the some of the crew focuses on building their relationships with their families and significant others. Young Bae begins her long journey to U.S Citizenship while juggling motherhood. Walt’s sobriety hangs in the balance as temptation rears its ugly head in New Orleans; while OhSh*t questions his future at the shop and begins his plans for a solo career.

We are excited to see if Ceasar can complete his quest to take over the tattoo world, and how well his new shop will do. The crew is bound to have a drama-filled season, trying to navigate their success and further build their empire.

You can catch up on the latest episodes of Black Ink Crew on VH1.com or download the VH1 app.