The Read: The Beyonce of Podcasts

In 2018 if you are not listening to a podcast then, what are you doing? One of the most notable podcasts across the board is known as, The Read. The Read is a weekly pop culture podcast hosted by the very beautiful and talented Kid Fury (@KidFury) and Crissle West (@crissles). After one listen to The Read, you might just start reevaluating your life and reading yourself. Each week the duo discusses hot topics from celebrities to real life issues.



An important part of the show is when Kid Fury picks someone in the Black Community as the Black excellence of the week for accomplishing something noteworthy. It is important that the Black community celebrate and recognize their achievements. Crissle and Kid Fury using their platform to spread positivity is Black excellence within itself. The Read is a very important podcast as it is a voice for the Black, LGBTQ, and women. They are the black voices of reason who call out injustices in the community. The Read also encourages their white listeners to be the change and to stand up for injustices and not just stay quiet during them.

The Read’s popularity has opened doors for both Kid Fury and Crissle. You might catch Crissle on “Drunk History” and Kid Fury is looking to produce an HBO Comedy Series with Lena Waithe. If you are looking for a Podcast to make you laugh till you cry and to keep you informed about social issues affecting the minority communities, then The Read is a must listen.

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