American Idol Winner Maddie Poppe + Finalist Caleb Performs on Empire State Building Observatory

Empire State Realty Trust

American Idol on ABC Season 1 winner Maddie Poppe and finalist Caleb Lee Hutchinson acoustically performed Poppe’s single “Going Going Gone” and a cover of “You’ve Got a Friend” on the 86th Floor Observatory of the Empire State Building.

Empire State Realty Trust

Maddie and her boyfriend, Caleb came together to belt out acoustic songs and also show fans their love is still going strong. This time last year they didn’t even know each other, so it’s great to see the two singing in harmony and still in a relationship.

She told ABC, “I was moving into an apartment and going to community college and spending a lot of time with my family,” Poppe said. “And trying to get gigs anywhere that I could in Iowa, so it’s totally a different life I’m living now.”

Watch their performance below and keep glued to what they have in store for fans next.