A Drinking Game With Ryan Reynolds Caused Jimmy Fallon To Throw Up

Photo by: Andrew Lipovsky/NBC

Jimmy Fallon’s late night show is famously known for their hilariously fun, and sometimes ridiculous games that the host plays with his celebrity guests, and this particular drinking game that was played on the Monday night episode with actor Ryan Reynolds ended up taking a nasty turn for the talk show host.

Photo by: Andrew Lipovsky/NBC

For the promotion of Reynolds new beverage company that focuses in on the alcoholic beverage, gin, Fallon put a little spin on the well-known game “Plinko” and renamed it “drinko”. Both of the stars dropped their tokens and instead of landing on an amount of money, the token landed on an item that was to be mixed with Ryans gin and drank by one of the stars.

Well, it was blended twinkies mixed with horseradish and then mixed again with Reynolds gin that caused Fallon the throw up during his talk show. Luckily he was a good sport about the entire game and the crew has supplied a puke bucket in case of a mishap like this.

Check out the hilarious clip below: