Alisha Marie Reveals Difficulties of Being a Social Media Influencer


Alisha Marie is really stepping up to show her viewers that being a social media influencer isn’t always as “picture perfect” as it seems.

Alisha Marie is a bubbly YouTube personality known for her fun and colorful skits, fashion hauls, and vlogs. She has over 7.6 million subscribers on her main channel and nearly 3 million on her vlog channel. She has been consistent for nearly ten years, always showcasing fun times traveling and shopping, all the while being positive.

Alisha took a few months long break from her main channel due to a “YouTube burnout” which many big stars on the platform have experienced. She continued to work for her other social media outlets and continued to vlog as well.

She announced her return very recently, wanting to open up and be more honest about living as an influencer. As a natural segue, her latest video is titled, “What No One Knows About Being a Social Media Influencer.” In the video, Alisha talks candidly with fellow social media moguls such as Lilly Singh, Josh Peck, Shay Mitchell, and more.

They discuss taboo topics such as mental health, making money, and having YouTube as a job and a business for themselves.

The video is certainly different from Alisha’s typical videos but eye-opening and honest, for the better. Take a look below.