Olivia O’Brien Releases ‘UDK’


Olivia O’Brien knows how to handle her haters.

Olivia O’Brien is 18-years-old and killing the game. She claps back at her haters with her new single, “UDK.” It was co-written by Anton Hard and The Priest. She tweeted out humorously telling everyone to stream her song.

The pop-track follows her previous single, “RIP” with G-Eazy and Drew Love, and her EP It’s Not That Deep in 2017.

It’s “about putting know-it-all haters in their place,” she reveals. The lyrics tell a clear story: people make judgments on her based off of social media and what they think they know and think they’ve heard at parties when they don’t actually know or get to know her.

Nowadays, people base facts on social media posts when there is a lot of discrepancies in real life. People don’t realize that social media is used as a highlight reel, not real life. Assuming and judging people before even meeting them, or giving them a chance, is wrong. And she sings in her new song, “if you keep it up, you might get blocked.”

Listen to her new single below.