The Final Season Of ‘Game Of Thrones’ Is Set To Come Earlier Than Expected


The insane hype around the HBO smash hit show Game Of Thrones has followed the show since it first premiered, and now that it is officially coming to an end that excitement from fans still remains as strong as ever.

HBO officially announced a while back that the last season would be set to be released sometime in 2019, leaving a very vague description. Most people assumed this would mean summer of 2019 meaning we would have to wait a whole nother year to see who would win the iron throne. But this week HBO threw us all a major curveball.

HBO‘s President of Programming informed the press that the final season will in fact premiere in 2019 still, but more so in the “first half” of the year. This is much earlier than fans originally thought, which only means we have about half of a year left until the show has finally returned to viewers.

You can stream all the seasons of Game Of Thrones on HBO GO if you still have yet to check out the award-winning show, and we most definitely recommend that you do before what is sure to be a jaw-dropping final season.