Fan Favorite ‘Queer Eye’ Couple Gets Married


Unless you have been living under a rock, the Netflix revival of the former makeover show, Queer Eye has swept the nation, causing a major frenzy over the members of the shows “Fab Five” makeover team.

Well, now the show has somehow seemed to have doubled up as a dating show because the Fab Five have somehow brought together several couples on their show, resulting in engagements and now even marriages.

In season 2 we saw the Fab Five help their client William propose to his longtime girlfriend Shannan, which came with the all too famous line “I Shannan you” as a replacement for “I love you”. Well now the couple has officially tied the knot this week and the cast of Queer Eye and the shows fans could not be happier for the pair.

William and Shannan had an intimate ceremony on the beach and unknowingly caused fans of the show to create a social media storm expressing their happiness for the couple.

We hope the two stay together, and who knows maybe another Queer Eye couple will tie the knot soon.

Check out their adorable ceremony pictures below:

Antoni Porowski on Twitter

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