Lili Reinhart Shows Off Special Effects Skills on Madelaine Petsch


Lili Reinhart is a special effects makeup master as she creates a shark bite on Madelaine Petsch’s leg.


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Petsch added a new video to her YouTube channel to showcase her Riverdale costar’s talent. In that video, Petsch reveals that she has been wanting Reinhart to do this since they have known each other (which is about three years, according to the two friends). They later decided to construct a wound from a shark bite on Petsch’s — and boy was there a lot of fake blood involved.

We are able to see the Reinhart is using face makeup, cotton, glue, liquid latex, olive oil, and don’t forget the fake blood. Reinhart also shared that she would be using the product called 3rd Degree, which is a silicone modeling compound, a.k.a what she uses to give the wound texture.

But it wasn’t enough fun for them to just create the wound, as they also made up a fun, little backstory. They used inspiration from Petsch’s recent trip to Cancun to begin the story. On this trip, Petsch was swimming with sharks, and it must have gone wrong and now Petsch has a nasty “wound.”

Act natural.

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While Reinhart’s special effects makeup skills are amazing, what is even more amazing is the friendship between the two actresses. They spend the whole video laughing, joking, and even have a little moment reminiscing about making necklaces together. Hopefully, we’ll see Reinhart appear in more of Petsch’s videos in the future.