Therese Patricia Okoumou Climbed the Statue of Liberty to Protest Family Separation at the Border


On July 4th, Therese Patricia Okoumou scaled the Statue of Liberty as a to protest family separation at the border.

Therese has something to say about family separation. Okoumou spent almost three hours on the iconic New York statue until she was escorted off by the New York Police Department. She stated that she would not come down until “all the children are released,” according to the NYPD.

In a news conference, Officer Brian Glacken, from the 16 officer Emergency Service Unit with the New York City Police Department, explained the events between them and Okoumou. Glacken said that Okoumou was apprehensive at first but eventually come to a place of discussion. “She just kind of mentioned the kids in Texas. I guess the whole debate that’s going on about that. In the beginning, she threatened to push us off, push the ladder off, but we stayed with her,” said Glacken.

Okoumou is apart of the Rise and Resist organization. Martin Joseph Quinn, who is an organizer in the group, told CNN, “She climbed without our knowledge. It was not part of our action.” Even though Okoumou’s protest was not apart of the group’s plan, they are still in support of her. “She climbed without our knowledge. It was not part of our action,” Quinn added.

While Okoumou will be awaiting charges for her actions, the response from social media is pretty positive. Some users called the protest heroic. Many view her actions as patriotic because she is standing up for injustices to others, those being the migrant families that have been taken from each other.