Principal Faces Consequences For Racial Profiling


The Toronto high school principal, Peggy Aitchison, faces harsh criticism for keeping a secret list of Black students. 


Parents and students at Etobicoke School of the Arts high school are extremely upset about the list of Black student that principal Peggy Aitchison put together to keep track of these students’ ‘achievement gaps’. Peggy announced that she would resign from the school, but students and parents want her to pay for her actions.

This list was being circulated around through all the teachers in November of last year. Later in the school year, one of the teachers took a picture of this outrageous list and sent it to students, causing students to react negatively towards this. The list only included the name of the student, their major, and their grade (9-12).

Many students are demanding to know why Peggy Aitchison made that list, especially since there wasn’t any information shared with families that the school had race performance gaps. The school is said to be a predominately white school and can be a bit challenging for students of color to do well at the school. This list made by someone who holds so much power makes it so much more worst for these students to engage in their work and excel.

Hopefully, justice is made for these students against the actions of what this principal did to them.