Paramore Drops ‘Caught in the Middle’ Music Video


We are still loving Paramore’s “genre-neutral” music.

Paramore is an American band that has been around since 2004. Their music has developed from rock to pop to what lead singer Hayley Williams defines as “genre-neutral.”

They recently came out with “Caught In The Middle” paired with a funky music video. In it, the three members are seen traipsing through a psychedelic world of colors, shapes, and fruits. It is portrayed in an aesthetic VHS style. The video is the fifth single to be created into a music video from their latest album from last year titled After Laughter. 

paramore on Twitter

we must remind you of 2 things: 1st, our video for “Caught In The Middle” is out now & 2nd, we’re throwing a party/big event in Nashville on 9/7 called Art + Friends (…check it out 3rd (bonus) thing we’d like to remind you: you’re great & we’re grateful

Paramore has also announced that they will be performing a special concert event in Nashville, the band’s hometown where they are from but also where they have grown as artists.

Hayley Williams, the singer and lead of the band, said: “We want to celebrate our hometown and the fast-growing, wacky and wonderful alternative music and arts community of Nashville.”

The event ‘Paramore Art + Friends’ will take place on September 7th at the Nashville Municipal Auditorium, and will have other artists like Canon Blue and COIN performing as well.