Colleen Ballinger Is Pregnant and Engaged to Erik Stocklin


If you were surprised by Colleen Ballinger and Erik Stocklin’s dating announcement earlier this month, you’ll be shocked by their latest news.

The Haters Back Off co-stars are working on a new project that fans did not see coming.

With the YouTube video “I’m Pregnant,” Colleen Ballinger revealed she’s three months pregnant and engaged to actor Erik Stocklin.

Dating *UPDATE* Family❤

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Although their relationship is new to fans, considering their dating and engagement announcements are less than a month apart, the pair has an “awesome relationship,” and are ready for this next step.

When talking about how their friendship grew into something more, Ballinger shared, “We very quickly realized this is my person.”

Surprise! 🤰🏻 Link in my bio. 🙈

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While Ballinger had wanted to “Kylie Jenner” fans for as long as possible by keeping her pregnancy a secret, the comedian’s small but protruding baby bump gave her away.

There’s a little human in there! 😍

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Breaking into tears, the YouTuber explained, besides the newness and side effects of pregnancy, her decision to keep it a secret was also because the “thought of anyone saying anything not a hundred percent positive about something [she’s] so excited about really scares [her].”

As for Miranda Sings, who hit 9 million subscribers on YouTube, Ballinger has a “really fun idea” for her that includes a pregnancy for the quirky, red-lipped character.

“If you want to know what that is, just watch Miranda videos because it will happen over the next six months,” Ballinger said. Fans should not worry though because the content will not become “pregnancy mom channel” material.

Congratulations to the new family.